Two Day Workshop – PRT Level 1

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Two Day Workshop – PRT Level 1

Presented by Drs Robert and Lynn Koegel

Dates: 09:00-16:30 on 16th & 17th June 2016

Cost: The full day workshop costs Family (Early Bird £200 / Full Price £250), Professional (Early Bird £250 / Full Price £300) .

Target Audience: Parents and Professionals.

Phone: 01786 834 171 Email:

Speur-Ghlan Early Intervention Service is proud to present Drs Robert and Lynn Koegel from the University of California, Santa Barbara, who will be presenting the second UK based PRT Level 1 training on 16th and 17th June 2016.

This two day event will provide delegates with an accreditation in Pivotal Response Treatment at an introductory level. PRT is currently one of the best validated approaches to treating children with autism spectrum conditions and has a huge body of research evidence supporting its efficacy.
Speur-Ghlan is a small innovative charity providing specialist therapy programmes to young children across Scotland with developmental challenges, including autism spectrum conditions. We are the first service providing this type of evidence based approach to young children with disabilities and we already use PRT in our therapy programmes and have found it to be an extremely effective approach for developing functional verbal communication in our youngest children.
Delegates will enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the University of Stirling campus with the training situated within the spacious and modern Stirling Management

Residential options can be provided and we have an allocation of 50 rooms on site.

What is PRT?

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is an evidence-based comprehensive behavioral intervention for individuals with autism. PRT is a naturalistic ABA teaching approach that focuses on targeting pivotal areas of development (such as motivation, self-initiations, and self-management) rather than targeting each individual potential target skill. These skills are pivotal because they are the foundational behaviors upon which learners with ASD can make widespread and generalized improvements in many other areas. By targeting these critical behaviors, PRT® results in widespread collateral improvements in communication, social, and behavioral domains.

About the Course

(PRT)® Training provides a strong a strong knowledge base of PRT® research and Methodology. This workshop is a lecture style trainings with a focus on video examples to demonstrate the application of each PRT® procedure.

Topics covered include:

  • Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • History and Development of PRT®
  • PRT® service delivery model
  • Pivotal areas of responding
  • PRT Motivational procedures for teaching beginning verbal communication
  • Facilitating social interactions with typically developing peers
  • Teaching social conversation skills
  • Self-management
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Motivational academics

A question and answer period is included; allowing for participants to engage in a dialogue with trainers and receive individualized support. Attendees of the two-day training are automatically certified in PRT® at Level I: Introductory Awareness of PRT Research and Methodology.

Target audience: This training will be beneficial to families with a child with ASD and/or individuals working with children with ASD in professional capacity, including special education teachers, general education teachers, classroom and support assistants, speech and language therapists, clinicians/interventionists/therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, and other ASD direct service providers or consultants.

Contact and Event Venue Details

Name: Ruth Glynne-Owen

Venue: University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland

Dates: 09:00-16.30 on 16th & 17th June 2016

Phone: 01786 834 171 Email:


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