Blocks have stood the test of time and have earned an irreplaceable role in early childhood education. The hours of learning-by-doing that blocks afford children are, quite honestly, priceless. Blocks ask children to draw upon and expand problem-solving abilities, tap into spatial sense and motor abilities, and lay a foundation for mathematics and story-telling, and more.

The Language Builder® Blocks set includes:

  • 40 custom-designed solid wood blocks in vibrant colors that are ready-to-use or can be enhanced by the free, one-of a-kind Language Builder® Blocks App for iPad.
  • 100 unique picture cards of randomly created structures for children to recreate. Ranging from structures comprised of 1-40 blocks to meet a wide range of abilities.
  • 20 “Pretend Play” picture cards of structures made to look like other objects – like animals, foods, transportation, everyday objects, and more!

See below for detailed information on The Free Language Builder® Blocks App and more.

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